Bangladesh Research and Education Network
A project of
University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Why Join BdREN

BdREN - Your Exclusive Super Highway Network
The Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) is your exclusive super Highway communication network, linking education, research and innovation organizations in Bangladesh, and across the world.
BdREN provides high capacity, high performance broadband – many hundreds times faster than a commercial internet connection – and with no use based charges. The network reaches across the country between 20 Points of Presence (PoPs). Our international network extends all the way to Asia-Pacific (TEIN3), North America (Internet2)and Europe(Geant2), connecting us with the rest of the world.

More than 220,000 students, researchers and educators at over 100 Bangladesh Universities, Research Institutions, and Medical Colleges have access to BdREN cross the country. Our international network links you to over 200 million advanced network users worldwide.

All You can Consume at High Quality
BdREN is unique because unlike standard networks BdREN is unconstrained. This means you can access as much information, tools, people and content as you wish without usage-based charges.
Quality is also a key feature. BdREN provides you with reliable, smooth and consistent performance – which you can have confidence in. The network has been designed to provide very low latency and jitter - BdREN travels quickly between points without delay, and the variation in this travel time is tiny.
Bangladesh researchers, educators and students need BdREN to:

  • access digital resources, content and services
  • exchange large volumes of data quickly
  • gain access to large scale national and international infrastructure
  • collaborate better on research and education projects at a distance
  • attend virtual classes, seminars and workshops from home and abroad

Unprecedented Reach
BdREN is Bangladesh’s Research and Education (R&E) network. R&E networks have been in existence for decades in over 150 countries around the world. Our membership of this international mesh of R&E networks< means our community can connect through BdREN to over 200 million researchers, students, teachers and scientists from across the globe quickly and without extra data charges.
Our members’ research partners can also connect to BdREN for collaborative research and education purposes.

Network Design at the Leading Edge
BdREN is an all optical high performance network. Its backbone network is designed using DWDM based transmission technology with OPGW network of PGCB. It’s design and capabilities are at the leading edge of information and communications technology development. Being at the leading edge means BdREN is always ahead of the needs of our most adventurous and innovative users.
Currently data can be transferred through BdREN backbone at up to 10 gigabits a second (2,500 times the speed of a standard broadband connection) enabling seamless two-way interaction and almost instantaneous sharing of data over long distances. Right now, our members can subscribe a maximum of 1 gigabits per second from our PoPs .
BdREN is also very simple and open in design. It is a big fat pipe providing pure, unadulterated broadband connectivity. This means our members can implement whatever services and tools they wish over the network.


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