Bangladesh Research and Education Network
A project of
University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh
All About BdREN
Vision & Mission
Core Values
Innovative Applications
Technical Team
BdREN Objectives
  • Building and operating a high bandwidth high availability secure  network;

  • Delivering networking excellence capitalizing on the latest technological development in networking, such as NGN, and hybrid technologies;

  • Providing cost-effective & best in class Applications and Services ‘through economies of scale’;

  • TIEN3 NetworkConnecting to International RENs, such as  APAN, TEIN3, Internet2, Geant2 and participating to other world-wide NRENs associations, initiatives  and forums;

  • Attracting NRB scientists, engineers and researchers working in different disciplines from all over the world;

  • Ensuring financial sustainability;  and

  • Fostering an innovative & stimulating work environment.



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