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Nework Operation Centre (NOC)

The BdREN Network Operation Centre (NOC), located at University Grants Commision of Bangladesh (UGC) in Dhaka, is the central management and technical operations for BdREN. It is the primary work space for BdREN engineers that utilize to monitor, manage and troubleshoot problems on its country-wide network. BdREN NOC offers oversight of problems, configuration and change management, network security, performance and policy monitoring, reporting, quality assurance, scheduling, and documentation by utilizing sophisticated network management, monitoring and analysis tools. BdREN NOC provides a structured environment that effectively coordinates operational activities with all participants and vendors related to the function of the network. The NOC provides one-stop centre facility for BdREN users, including:

  • Manage helpdesk service to address and manage technical enquiries and issues

  • Monitor traffic health status and utilization rate

  • Ensuring continuous operation of servers and services

  • Manage faults and incidents - single trouble ticket centre

  • Provide technical assistance including application and services support to BdREN users

  • Multipoint Video Conferencing service for BdREN users

  • Manage and host web applications including BdREN website

  • Assistance and Coordination of Programs, Meetings, Distance Learning

  • Service hour :  7x24 hours
  • 24 * 7 online chat support

  • 24 * 7 phone support available


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